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Local Spot: Cafe Gratitude

One of my favorite spots in the city: Cafe Gratitude in the Mission (also on Out To Dinner list from 4/25 post).  In addition to the menu being unbelievably yummy, 100% organic, and all grown from their very own farm in Vacaville, California, they also have an inspiring vision and purpose.  

The cafe is an avid supporter of local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products, and their ideas are centered around acceptance, gratefulness and generosity within their community.  Most noteworthy and signature to their cafe is their “Grateful Bowl”.  They created the menu item in 2009 in response to the widespread economic hardships in their community.  With a suggested price of $7, the bowl is actually donation only — asking those who can afford their meal to express gratitude and pay more than $7 when possible, helping the next customer who would otherwise be unable to afford a healthy meal.  


The bowl is delicious, as is pretty much everything on their menu; all vegan and free from refined sugars, wheat and soy.  Their organic wines and beers are phenomenal, and yesss, all desserts are organic and gluten free.  It’s such a cool place to support.  And it’s dangerously near my office.


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